Academic Publications

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Chua, L.C. and Lim, B. (2019) ‘Malaysia’s Theatre and its Circuit of Culture’, Critical Stages, 18 [Online] Available at:

L.C. Chua (2015) ‘Matching Initial Categories of Curriculum Planning From An Entertainment Arts Academic Programme Against Hilda Taba’s Curriculum Theory (1967)’, Journal of Performing Arts Leadership in Higher Education, (6), pp. 4-14.

L.C Chua and Lim, B. (2015) ‘The Ambiguities of National Arts Council’s – Arts Education Programmes (AEP)’, International Journal of Education and Research, (3)7, pp. 81-90.

蔡两俊(2012)’新加坡有很多观众,但是却很少公众:从郭宝昆与张家庆的剧场,到新加坡政治环境,以至国民政治意识之联想’, 华文戏剧学术论文集,澳门华文戏剧学会。[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]I also co-founded an academic journal with Dr Benny Lim. It is called The Journal of Theatrex Asia. More information on the journal could be found here:

The Journal

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