About Chua Lian Choon

Lian Choon’s research interests lie in Chinese theatres in Singapore and Malaysia, theatre ecologies and culture, performance and politics, entertainment arts, and online arts criticism and media. Interdisciplinary in scope and method, he attempts to make sense of how performance theories could be used to implement new action researches in weaving performances. Having completed a PhD from the University of South Wales, together with theatre collective World-in-Theatre, online media Theatrex Asia and Wuwei Performance Series (Performance Art), he continues to embark on researches through curating performances and organising performance events, as well as writing critiques.

As an educator, he lectured in fields relating to Creative Arts, Entertainment Arts as well as Media and Communication Studies.

As an academic administrator, he has assumed appointments ranging from memberships in examination boards, journal editorial committees as well as academic advisory positions. He has also helmed schools in Business and Social Sciences; Film and Media; Drama and Performance in a private higher education establishments.

南威尔斯大学博士蔡两俊研究项目包括新加坡与马来西亚华语小剧场、剧场生态与文化、表演与政治、娱乐艺术、艺评与社网评论等。目前任新加坡表演团体世界剧场艺术总监、网路杂志Theatrex Asia编辑以及行为艺术节《无为》策展人之一。

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Academic Qualifications
  • Master of Arts with Distinction in Educational Leadership, Coventry University (United Kingdom) (2023)
  • Master in Communication and Media Studies, Universita Telematica Pegaso (Naples, Italy) (2021)
  • Qualifi Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management and Leadership (United Kingdom) (2021)
  • PhD, University of South Wales (UK) (Thesis: Diploma in Entertainment Arts – A Bourdieusian Commentary on its Field, Habitus and Social Capital) (2019)
  • Fellowship Trinity College London (UK), Education Studies (Applied Drama) (Masters) (Thesis: Study on Existing Meagre System of Assessment of Applied Drama Programme of the Singapore National Arts Council- Arts Education Programme) (2013)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (with distinction) (Finance), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. (1997)

Research Interests

  • Entertainment Arts
  • Performance and Aesthetics
  • Creativity and Education

Visiting Scholarship

  • Visiting Scholar, Institute of Tourism Studies, Macau (May 2016)

Professional Membership

  • Member (Southeast Asia) – International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC)
  • General Thinking

Editorial/Publication Appointments

  • Co-founder and Member, Journal of Theatrex Asia (ISSN: 2345-7678)
  • Member, Editorial Board, Graduate Journal of Culture and Creative Industries, Chinese University of Hong Kong


  • Trinity College of London, Excellence Award (2013)

Taught Subjects

Field: Drama, Theatre, Entertainment Arts, Creative Industries and Arts Management

  • Navigating Hollywood
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • Introduction to Entertainment Industry
  • History and Aesthetics of World Theatre
  • Acting Lab 1
  • Acting Lab 2
  • Directing Lab
  • Creative Industries
  • Contextual Studies: Artist and its Society (Arts Management)

Field: Media, Communication and Film

  • Introduction to Contemporary Film Industry
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing and Referencing Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Reading Skills
  • Media, Culture and Society
  • The Dynamics of Mass Communications
  • Structure and Professional Practice of Broadcast Media
  • Journalism and News Broadcasting
  • Media Studies (1 and 2)
  • Current Issues in Media Production
  • Lights, Camera and Action: The Language of Film
  • Making it in the Media (2 and 3)
  • Cultures of Consumption
  • Thesis coordinator and supervisor: Final Year Project and Film and Media Dissertation
  • Future Technologies
  • Media Culture and National Identity
  • Media Fan Cultures
  • Social Issues in the Media
  • The Entertainment Industries
  • The Media and Propaganda
  • Transmedia Narratives and Strategies
  • Cultural Theory and Popular Culture (1,2 and 3)
  • Introduction to Digital Media Cultures
  • Media Ethics
  • Media Project

Thesis Supervision

Bachelors Level (Undergraduate)

  • A Case Study on the Engagement of Malaysian Celebrity Lawrence as a “Friend” of the School of Communication and Creative Arts, KDU University College. | Mu Jia Hong (2014)
  • The Considerations KDU University College Sdn Bhd members possess when choosing informal communication channels of Keith Davis’s Cluster Chain & Single Strand Network. | Charlene Wong Shing Yi (2014)
  • A Case Study on how Facebook Communication impacts on student communication in Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Classes | Chan Lo Sin (2014)
  • To Investigate the Preference of Young People in Choosing Television Programmes of Media Company Media Prima, Malaysia. | Joanne Yeo (2016)
  • To Investigate Young People’s Perception on the Branding Process of English Speaking Radio Stations of Media Company Astro, Malaysia. | Wong Siao Hui (2016)

Conferences and Trainings

  • 主持人与演讲人,《华语剧场裡的“华语”可改为“文化”》,《回返与重启》(2018),马来亚大学文学院
  • ‘The Adoption of a Hybrid, Constructivist Method of the Grounded Theory in Conceptualising an Academic Programme in Entertainment Arts’, presented in the ASEAN Comparative Education Research Network Conference (2015), 7 – 8 October 2015, Malaysia.
  • Directors and Actors Training Seminar (2013) (A director master class organised by the Japan Director Association in Fukuoka, Japan)
  • Linking Student Centred Learning and Outcome-based Education (2013) (in KDU University College)
  • Convenor and organiser, The First Southeast Asian Performing Arts Symposium, Georgetown Festival 2012, a collaboration between KDU University College and Georgetown Arts Festival.
  • Participated in the Johor Arts Festival 2011, the first showcase of KDU University College entertainment arts students.
  • Master class by renowned Taiwanese Theatre Director Stan Lai (2011) (Singapore Esplanade Theatres by the Bay)
  • Chinese Drama Festival Academic Symposium (2011) (Held in Macau)
  • KDU University College DISC Module 1 (2011)
  • KDU University College DISC Module 2 (2011)
  • PSMB Certification Programme – Train the Trainer (2011)
  • Chinese Drama Festival Academic Symposium (2007) (Hong Kong)

External Examination Engagements

  • New Era College, Department of Theatre and Film (Malaysia)

Research and Publications

  • Critical Stages, International Association of Theatre Critics, Issue 18, Feb 2019: Malaysia’s Theatre and its Circuit of Culture
  • International Journal of Education and Research, Vol 3, Number 7, July 2015: The Ambiguities of Singapore National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) (Co-authored with Dr Benny Lim, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Columnist, Sin Chew Jit Poh (Malaysia) – A major Chinese broadsheet in Malaysia.
  • KDU University College Research Grant on Malaysian Chinese Theatre (2013 to 2015) (On-going)
  • Chinese Drama Festival Journal Publication: Theatre and its Publics, and Everything Else (In Chinese Language) (2012)
  • Authored a Literary Picture Book on Celebrity Lawrence Wong titled Taking Flight (Published by KDU University College)
  • Editorial contributions as a columnist at Taiwan performing arts magazine MJKC (Every Week, A Show) (2010 – 2011)
  • Invited as columnist at Macau performing arts magazine Yue Du (Reading) (2009)
  • Editorial contributions to Singapore contemporary arts magazine Confabulation (various issues)
  • Editorial contributions to Singapore contemporary arts magazine The Singapore Pocket Arts Guide (various issues)
  • Editorial contributions to Singapore contemporary arts magazine Nanyang Arts (various issues)

Creative Output/Professional Practice

  • Invited as the artistic director of performance Ai Si to Small Theatre, Big Drama Festival (2012)
  • Invited as the director of performance Generations to Taipei Fringe Festival (2010)
  • Invited as the director of performance Ah Kua Show to the New York Fringe Festival (2010)
  • Invited as actor to perform Singapore Impromptu in the Chinese drama festival in Malaysia, organised by the Dramatic Arts Society (2005)
  • Nominated Best Actor for Singapore DBS Life! Theatre Awards for performance Still Flight (2006)
  • Nominated for Best Production Design for Singapore DBS Life! Theatre Awards for performance Lover’s Words (2005)
  • Invited as the director of performance Lover’s Words to the Chinese Drama Festival (Kunming, China) (2005)
  • Nominated Best Supporting Actor for Singapore DBS Life! Theatre Awards for performance in Ghost (2003)

Contact: r@richardchua.info (email)